Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Hello again, and thanks for checking in.

I am occupied these days by tremendous changes in my health and lifestyle. We all take our health for granted until something goes south, don't we. I have a long way to go but have excellent help and I am working my way back a step at a time.

We are neck deep in winter here in Tennessee, and I am counting the days until the annual Lawn and Garden fair at the state fairgrounds. By the first of March we have seen our first daffodils and long for more; this show delivers it. There will be 3 - 4 big exhibition buildings jam packed with full sized, fully landscaped gardens. Many will have water features, some are whimsical, some are really, really over the top. I recall one that had a waterfall that cascaded from the ceiling of the building, it was spectacular. Last year I was impressed with a Japanese meditation garden that had a little bamboo water feature, it was so calming.
Wanted to carry that one home with me!

Another favorite feature of this show are the vendors, everything from herbalists to antique dealers and all plant related things in between. I usually carry home a sackful of seedling herbs and a seedling tree or two to add to the forest around our house. What a happy tradition!

Hope you are enjoying the moment and looking forward to spring as well. 


  1. I've missed your posts. I pray that you get better with whatever is going on with your health. Speedy recovery. Are you getting some time to spin or do you even feel like it?

  2. Thanks, Liana. I've been knitting, mostly in the evenings, have a couple of baby showers coming up and trying to get things done in time. No spinning time and I miss it so! Weekends are sucked up preparing food for the coming week, and babysitting the various grands. They like to cook too, luckily. I am on the road to recovery, by hook or by crook. Yay!